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People need food and hygiene every day.

Preferably - nutritious food. In the end, the quality of human life and its duration depend on it.


For the third month, as a result of russist aggression, thousands of Kharkiv residents have been deprived of the opportunity not only to have a nutritious, but at least some kind of hot food.



But thanks to the many caring people who have united for a common goal, the most vulnerable categories of our cohabitants - the elderly, the disabled, children, many victims of bombings and shelling, who are forced to hide in basements, garages and shelters, receive nutritious hot meals every day, dishes with the first and second courses.


Providing the logistical processes, we sincerely thank those who prepare and provide free packages of delicious food for the people of Kharkiv every day! Kharkiv holds on and believes in our Victory, and together we are force!



- Baby food

- Diapers

- Power generators

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