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Kharkiv is being shelled.

Kharkiv is being destroyed.

Every day and every night.

Today too.


The destruction and fires are being eliminated by our rescuers from the Ministry of Emergency Situations, they also have losses, a fighter of the Ministry of Emergencies detachment was recently killed in the Kharkiv region.


Our fundraising program for equipment assistance is giving results, - the second parcel of protective equipment, tools and equipment has been handed over to our firefighters from the Ministry of Emergencies. Let's win together!


Our Needs:

TELEMMGLPICT000289404809_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqdODRziddS8JXpVz-XfUVRxp_Rh5meLd3xMJaHlzgqK0 (1)

- Fireproof clothing

- Circular saws

- Fire boots

- Radio stations

- Power generators

- Fire Hoses & barrrels

- Petrol catters

- Chainsaws

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